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University of Florida Graduate Research Assistant

I’ve worked in the Virtual Experiences Research Group (VERG) since starting my PhD in Fall 2014. During my time in VERG, I’ve collaborated with several interdisciplinary teams to create virtual patient experiences for medical communication skills training. Creating these patients has involved a variety of technologies (C#, Unity, JavaScript, .Net, and others) and the ability to manage several long-term projects simultaneously across different teams. I’ve also led the development of several new features for VERG’s virtual patient platform, Virtual People Factory 2.0 (VPF2). As part of this process, I have conducted UX research on VPF2, prototyped interfaces using Balsamiq, and implemented the new features in Visual Studio.

Since August 2018, I’ve also served as the VERG group leader, which involves managing the communications for potential new research collaborators and mentoring junior PhD students on research skills and academic writing.

For more updates on my collaborations and thesis research, feel free to check my YouTube channel, where I post bi-weekly updates of my sprint progress.


MIT Lincoln Laboratory PhD Research Intern

In the summer of 2018, I joined the MIT LL Informatics and Decision Support Group as a PhD research intern on a machine learning project focused on Bayesian Rule Lists (BRLs). This group allowed me the unique opportunity to work on a team with machine learning and human-computer interaction experts and to apply machine learning to an existing VERG dataset. This work lead to a publication at the 2019 Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference.

I also participated in the MIT LL Intern Innovative Idea challenge, a Shark Tank-style competition that asked interns to propose technological solutions to real-world problems. My team’s idea — an Alexa-like device that monitored interruptions and speaking times during group meetings to promote gender equality — won first place.


Facebook User Experience (UX) Research Intern

In the summer of 2017, I worked as a UX research intern on the Facebook Pages Growth team. My research there involved learning about the journey of new businesses here in the US, as well as preparing interviews, focus groups, and surveys for international research. My team also sent me to Thailand to contribute to the field research process, where I was able to participate in the application of the interviews and focus group guides I developed.